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ViewPLUS SCADA Software

SCADA Server

  Compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms

  Oracle and PostgreSQL support

  Secure SSL connection support with OperatorClients

  Unlimited Client Connection (Limited with server hardware)

  Wide range industrial and distributed network communication protocol support (MODBUS, IEC104 etc.)

Component Management

  Create symbols from PNG, JPG etc. files

  Designing animations

  Create symbol libraries specific for the project

SCADA Editor

  Integrated graphics symbol library

  Create custom symbols

  Changing symbol’s properties like width, length, position etc. according to field data

  Smart and custom components with scripting support

  Layered component architecture

  Different layer views for different zoom levels

  Multi-user development infrastructure

  Real-time graphics and trends

  Advanced tag and channel editor

  Create real-time database queries and relate these with components

  Page and component based user right management

Operator Client

  Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android ve iOS support

  Real-time charts

  Event and alarm monitoring

  Dynamic adaptation for different screen resolutions

  Multi-touch support for mobile platforms

  Multiple monitor support

  Web base reporting services

  Advanced reporting options

User Management

  256 different user authorization levels

  User groups with different authorization levels

  Alarm subscription for users

  E-mail notifications

  Guest, administrator and standard user configurations

Alarm Management

  Unlimited alarms for any tag

  Alarm acknowledge and add note

  Alarm history and real-time alarm monitoring

  Show alarm notifications on components

  Direct link to the relates station from “alarms page

  User alarm subscriptions

  Audio-visual alarm notifications

  Alarm e-mail notifications

  Coloring alarms according to the acknowledge state

  Adding alarm panels on OperatorClient main screen